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The Heart Institute of the Triangle - ICT was established in May 1996, especially in Latin America by the introduction of the medical image file to CDs with transmission over the Internet. Identified is a brand, "the commitment of technological pioneering the best outcome for life." The focus of this tag set, spontaneously, the vocation of a stubborn group of professionals dedicated to health.


Created in the Triangulo Mineiro a differential history, widely recognized by community health workers, which prompted changes in our environment healthy.

Following this keynote, the group was a pioneer in telemedicine, creating numerous contributions, including: Internet protocol 2 transmissions, telemonitoring of vital signs (ECG, Spirometry, etc.), clinical meetings for protocols streaming video, video conferencing multi- etc. points.



Also about the different techniques introduced in the Triangulo Mineiro implantation of coronary stents, both conventional, in 1996, as the pharmacological, in June 2002. Introduced and disseminated, training more than 30 national and international centers, the technique of coronary angioplasty by transradial approach. The preliminary treatment of diseases of the aorta through percutaneous stents, with international publications such original contributions.


He began electrophysiology procedures (electrophysiologic studies and radiofrequency ablation) in our country and holds the largest annual volume of cases.

These actions created benefits not only to teaching and research, but also and mainly on assistance. Today, more than 80% of the cities of Triangulo Mineiro are connected to ICT for interactions and discussions of clinical cases in real time.

Are performed about 2700 catheterizations, coronary stent implant 700, 250 radiofrequency ablations, 250 heart surgeries and other complex procedures each year.

The telemedicine network, to provide single weighted images (100MB) in real time via the Internet, allows discussion and a second medical opinion of national and international, at the discretion of the interest of patients, 24 hours a day.



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